Surveys in the nearby villages

Between February 2010 and June 2011, surveys were conducted in three phases in 8 of the villages surrounding the future Kamalini New campus: 1) Preliminary survey of individuals from the village and school teachers, 2) interviews with the Sarpanchs (Headmen) and 3) 270 door to door surveys in the same villages.

Phase 1:

Preliminary survey. The key finding of the survey was that the women wanted their daughters to be self-sufficient and possess better skills than themselves. It gathered general socio-economic data of the village, distance from the future campus, water supply status, health and education facilities, etc. and helped in getting a general idea about the community circumstances and needs.

Phase 2:

Interview with the villages' Sarpanchs. They confirmed the information gathered in the previous phase and were keen to support the initiative. They manifested that the location of the centre is safe and the fact that it is a only-girls training centre makes the families feel more comfortable in sending their daughters.

Phase 3:

270 door to door surveys. The survey collected data on the socio-economic aspects of the households and their perceptions regarding education and vocational training of girls in that area. Safety for women was the primary concern that emerged in the survey and it includes: only-girls centre, transport, good location of the centre (on the main road if not in their own villages) and convenient timings (not too late). Many manifested they are open to any kind of training, as currently there are very limited educational and vocational training opportunities.

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