We invite volunteers to work alongside the staff to give personal encouragement and coaching to Kamalini students who are economically disadvantaged but have the will to learn and grow.

Students from the Delhi University can fulfil their National Social Service (NSS) community service hours at Kamalini.

We welcome organizations that encourage volunteerism among their employees under their corporate social responsibility. They can undertake sessions and various actions at our centers towards the same.

Ways volunteers can help:

Teach short courses on life skills:
how to open bank account, pay the electricity bill, apply for a PAN card, improve hygiene at home, prepare a healthy meal, demonstrate a handicraft, etc.
Lead English conversation seminars:
that create real-life situations to practice useful dialogues
Mentor & encourage:
Female volunteers who can help build the student's self-confidence and motivate them to continue studying.
Run surveys:
To identify needs and promote awareness of the programmes offered in current and future areas served by Kamalini.
Help pitch in with various manual tasks to help improve the atmosphere and image of Kamalini

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