Informal Sector and Vocational Training

About 63% of the school students drop out at different stages before reaching Class-X and a large number amongst them do not have access to skill development due to the educational entry barriers and long duration of courses.
Informal or unorganized workers constitute an overwhelming 93% of the total workforce in India (National Commission for Enterprises in the Informal Sector).
Only 2.5 million vocational training seats are available in the country, whereas about 12.8 million persons enter the labor market every year.
While India has a large young population, only 5% of the Indian labor force in the age group of 20-24 years, has obtained vocational skills through formal means whereas, the percentage in industrialized countries varies between 60% and 96%.
An unfortunate result is that many people, mostly young girls and women, are left behind and have limited job opportunities and least possibilities of acquiring skills for their livelihood.

*Source: Directorate General of Employment & Training –DGET (Ministry of Labour & Employment)

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